Fido’s Extra Reading Material

1) Home Training:
Home Training Issues
Potty Training
Home Alone
Eschew Chewing Catastrophes
Dog Crates   
Dog Crates
2) Health:
Health Issues
Nutrition and General Care
Your Dog’s Development
Preventive Medicine
Giving Medicine by Liquid or Pill
Common Household Dangers
First Aid Chart
Hip Dysplasia
Heat Stroke
Poison Control
Veterinary Partner
Leash Training
Practical Reasons for Exercises
Long Sit and Down
Teaching Retrieve and Importance of Exercise
Say Please
Car, Door and Gate Manners
Suggestions for a Successful Training Session
The “Leave It” Command
Sport of Dog Obedience
AKC Canine Good Citizen Test
AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program
4) Social Skills:
Follow the Leader
Acceptable Behavior
Canine Vocabulary
Canine Body Postures
Aggression Issues
Separation Anxiety
5) General Reading:
Games and Tricks
Is Your Dog Breeding Quality?
Traveling With Your Dog
Lost Dog
Responsible Dog Ownership
Frequently Asked Questions

Upcoming Events

August Show N Go

August 26, 2017
Saturday – August 26th
Observation mirrors & Climate Controlled
Crating space & chairs provided – drinks for sale in fridge
Building opens at 8AM with sign-ups until 11AM
Utility begins at 8:30AM – NEW TIME!!!
Open & Novice follow at appx 10:30 AM
Fees: $6 first entry $4 second entry – same dog

Online Registration <– Click Here
Directions: 604 Crestside Dr., Duncanville [...]

AKC Trick Dog Evaluation

September 30, 2017 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
DTCDC will be sponsoring AKC Trick Dog Evalutaions for Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Titles.Cost is $10 per Dog per Trick Title for Members and $20 per Dog per Trick Title for Non Members.
Registration will be available through DTCDC’s Eventbrite page.Online Registration <— Click HereFor questions, contact Robin at

More Events »

Important Notices

Canine Influenza

The state of Texas has confirmed cases of canine influenza in a Houston suburb and at Texas A&M University.  No cases of flu have been confirmed by any of our attending students or members.  The DTCDC Board & Training Committee requests that anyone who attended an event or kenneled with a dog (vaccinated or not [...]

Next Class Session Starts August 14th 2017

Classes starts the week of August 14th 2017. Please check our Class Schedule for more information and  times. Orientation video will be available to students after registration.
Wear comfortable clothing, tennis shoes or other rubber-soled shoes.  High heels are not allowed as they can damage the surface of the training floor.  Only flat-soled shoes are allowed on the [...]